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Visit Almería with your personal guide !

Conozca Almería !
Get to know Almería !
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the Indalo.

Welcome to Almería !
Would you like to get to know Almería accompanied by your own, private tour guide ? With more than ten years of experience, and a thorough knowledge of the area, there is much to show you.

  • Tailor-made visits to your interest.

  • Get to know the provinces of Almería, Granada or Málaga.

Visit the protected nature reserves, the villages, the Alpujarra…


  • Be accompanied on  your visit to the city’s monuments.

Walks through the cities of Almeria, Granada, Guadix (cave-dwellings, pottery, and cathedral), Mojácar…


Commentary in English, German, French, Dutch or Spanish

  •  If you need an interpreter or need to know more about companies when you are interested in doing business in Almería, I can help. I could accompany you on business trips, making arrangements for interviews with company management here and hotel-arrangements in Almería.  I could also assist on trade fairs. In Aguadulce there are several important tradefairs; for the marble industry or agriculture, visited more and more by foreign companies.

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on doing business in Almeria.

Spain, Almería.