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Get to know Almería !

Conozca Almería !
Get to know Almería !
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Almería is a province of Andalucia in the south-east of Spain. It´s a big area of about 8.700 Sq Km. of which large areas are arid, empty and mountainous. It has Europe´s only dessert, where many famous spagetti-western films have been produced.
Still, it has forests of pinetrees in the many mountain areas such as the Sierra María, or snow up in the Sierra Nevada. Almería has some great beaches on the east coast in the volcanic nature reserve Cabo de Gata, where the mediterranean sea has cristal clear water.
Along the coast there are many places where millions of people enjoy their hard earned holiday. All-year-round-tourism has played a role since the early seventies and is still a big employer. Some tourists prefer the beach while others rather go out and about in the dessert of Tabernas by four wheel drive or visit the caves of Sorbas, or play on one of the many golf-courses.
All mayor travel agencies are here bringing us people from the Uk and Ireland, Belgium and Germany, and ofcourse...Spain.

Almería city
The city has a history that started with the phoenicians. It got it´s splendour in the 10th century when the Moors build the fortress. Today the city has over 180.000 inhabitants.


The Alpujarra
The Alpujarra mountains lead to the Sierra Nevada. Brought to fame by Gerald Brenan´s "south from Granada", it´s the place for spanish ham, wine and typical dishes.


Almería province
The history of Almería province goes back to the Neanderthalers and many prehistoric sites have been discovered. In the some remote villages life is slow and peacefull, with interesting remains of moorish days.

El Tiempo en Almería / Aeropuerto