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Different opinions on European Issues.
The deepening of Britain's ties with Europe can only be a good thing. British culture is much more similar to the continentals than  the Americans. Eurosceptics are just scare mongering and should be ignored whilst the more sensible amongst us press ahead with greater
Fiona Garratt, England

Please! Can a UK political leader have the courage to rid us of this
      circus? Can we stop hearing the mantra that "we are not on the way  
      to a  super state"   when it is blatantly obvious that the EU is working    
      towards   precisely that end? Nice is a minor setback for the Commission. The "bite-and-   hold" policy of
      the EU will be back and grab more and more of our self-determination, as we doze content in our   
      complacency  and apathy.
Stephen Baldwin, UK

There is no substitute for the EU. What is important though, is to
       strengthen the European Parliament. As a German I find it embarrassing
       to see that our government is haggling over three more votes. What
       Europe needs is more solidarity and less egotism.
David Kiltz, Germany

Can someone please explain to me why so many Britons want to join the USA instead of working with the continental Europeans ? You may not like the French or Germans, but do you really think that the materialistic and superficial Americans will appreciate your bad temper? Remember, in the US you do not count until you have wealth to show. They may simply not want you, with your rain-soaked, underdeveloped country, full of strange traditions.

A common misunderstanding in the UK seems to be on the nature of the EU: It is NOT a free trade zone, it is at minimum a SINGLE MARKET, which means that social costs play a role as well. Therefore we also need harmonized MINIMUM social standards.
Ronald Vopel, Belgium

So the EU plunges into more controversy. The politicians have brainwashed the public into believing that Britain cannot succeed without membership of the EU. It's not too late to get out of the whole mess and join a "North Atlantic Economic Union" with the US and Canada. Compare what we in the US have with what the UK has. We have much lower taxes, lower petrol and energy prices, more disposable income, etc. etc.
Charles Porter, USA (Ex-UK)

Although it looks less certain that the EU will become a superstate I still believe it will do, with possibility of tragic consequences in years to come. Look at history and forced unions of different people NEVER works in the end. I think Britain should pull out now before we get in any deeper. To all those people who say we won't stand up well outside the EU, I say to you NORWAY. Norway has all the trading benefits of working in the EU but none of the masses of red tape. To them it is a fantastic advantage and they still have control of their country.
Stephen McCoull, England

A return to a Europe composed of non-interdependent nation states is not possible. States should transfer more, rather than less, of their power to the supranational level -- which, without any doubt, should be made democratically accountable and more transparent. Leaving aside the European Parliament, which lacks real control, the present EU is accountable for its actions to the governments of its member States, that is, to national politicians, who can do more or less as they like.

The answer lies in making Europe a direct democracy with effective
       powers, which leaves to the smaller regional units the powers to
       regulate what cannot be regulated at the central level.
Peter, Netherlands